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I work with Women by helping them reach their fitness and nutritional goals and to help them achieve optimal health.

I can relate to where you are coming from because I am currently on my fitness and nutrition journey to help with my own personal health goals.

I know you want to feel healthier and be in better state of health. I'm deeply passionate how helping you achieve your goals whether it is to lose weight, be able to run or walk a marathon, eat healthier or even to just start eating healthy foods that help to nourish & heal your body.


Our bodies work as a whole, when one part or multiple become imbalanced our bodies start to react in different ways, such as food allergies or sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues and many more. If we can find the root cause, we can help support the body through proper food choices, supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Through training our bodies in a positive way, we can help build self confidence, courage and strength to continue and achieve our big goals we have for ourselves.

Through Reiki we can find our inner peace, happiness and the calm that we have always been looking for.


Sole Sister’s Supporter Party #2!! At the Meadows

September 29, 2019

Join us on October 4th at 6pm- 9pm for our Sole Sister’s Supporter #2!! We have tickets available to those who are already Sole Sisters! Also if you’ve never been to a Sole Sisters Race.…

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Don’t Miss Out! This is feel good free party #1 – next one is October 4th!!

July 30, 2019

We all loved Sole Sisters so much that we thought – “how could we have more fun for 2019-2020??” The answer? Throw a party! Let’s celebrate being Sole Sisters and everything this empowering walk-run does…

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Idea Fit World Convention Anaheim California

July 23, 2019

About a month ago I got the chance to go to Idea Fit World, a Wellness Convention in California! This is the second year! We had so much fun! They always have a expo area…

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