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Idea Fit World Convention Anaheim California

July 23, 2019

About a month ago I got the chance to go to Idea Fit World, a Wellness Convention in California! This is the second year! We had so much fun! They always have a expo area where you can go all of the new things that have come out, it was completely different than last year…

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Self-Care: Why is it important? The benefits of self-care and a list of self care activities

June 13, 2019

Self care is taking care of yourself in all three areas: mind, body and spirit. Self care is important because it not only helps you physically, mentally but emotionally as well. When you start taking care of yourself and you start taking time for yourself by doing activities daily you will start to reduce stress,…

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Sole Sisters Race Pickup Weekend

May 30, 2019

I’m at Sole Sisters Women’s Race Weekend!! Race pickup is at the Heartstone Inn located at 313 Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth, Come see me!!! I have a table where you can sign up for giveaways! I am happy and excited to be their Bronze Sponsor. I am also speaking on Saturday at 2:30!! I am…

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Mother’s Day Promo, Soji Elixir Crystal Water Bottles & Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

May 9, 2019

Hi there thanks for checking out my website! I’m a Personal Trainer, Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Reiki Master Teacher. Thank you so much for checking out my website! I love it when people connect with me so send me an email or message on Facebook or Instagram. Let me know what I can help…

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Reset Your Hormones- 3 months program

April 11, 2019

Reset your hormones -Low energy especially the afternoon, feeling sluggish -Fatigue -Mood swings, depression, anxiety, irritability -Painful, heavy or irregular periods -Bloating -Skin conditions -Weight gain -Hot flashes & night sweats -Muscle aches, joint pain -Hair loss -Estrogen dominance and more If you answered yes to some or all of these, then this is the…

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Sweet potato, kale & squash buddha bowl

March 19, 2019

Root vegetables are key to a healthy plant-based meal. Health Benefits: Kale- Helps with digestion, high in iron which aids in cell growth and liver function, supports the cardiovascular system, full of powerful antioxidants, an anti-inflammatory & a great source of vitamin a,c and k. Sweet potatoes- High in fiber and antioxidants which promote the…

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Monthly Women’s get Together

January 17, 2019

Good Afternoon Everyone! I am going to be hosting a monthly women’s get together! I am looking for a couple lovely ladies whom would like to join me! This can be either in person or via skype. We will discuss *Our goals for the month *Challenges your facing *We can also choose topics to discuss…

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Reiki Gift Box with Kaitlyn Beaver

What is PCOS?

January 6, 2019

How can diet & exercise help? PCOS is also known as Polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS affects many women’s hormone levels. With PCOS women produce a higher-than-normal number of male hormones. This being said this hormone imbalance will cause you to miss/skip a period. This also makes it a lot harder for you to get pregnant.…

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Challenge starting January 5th/19!!!

December 29, 2018

Ready to start a challenge in the new year? I challenge you to join my 12 week challenge! For $400.00 plus tax! 20% off the regular price ! You will get 3 Individualized Nutrition Plans, 3 at Home Workout Plans (for your fitness level), daily self care challenges, supplement & lifestyle recommendations, email & text…

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#5 & #6!!!

December 29, 2018

Package #5 Bring your life back into balance- Stress management (6 Months) One on one consult in person or via skype/zoom Individualized meal plan to help support you Learn the root cause of your stress Weekly check-ins Monthly follow-ups Self care routine Learn stress management techniques Lifestyle & Supplementation Recommendations Monthly individualized workouts Monthly journal…

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