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Idea Fit World Convention Anaheim California

About a month ago I got the chance to go to Idea Fit World, a Wellness Convention in California! This is the second year!

We had so much fun! They always have a expo area where you can go all of the new things that have come out, it was completely different than last year and a lot smaller!

There were so many great class but here are a few!

One of the classes were called The LeadHer Conference, well let me tell you how inspiring the first talker was! Her name is Sadie Nardini.

She talked about the Goddess named Kali Ma which is an example of Fierce Feminine.

Kali Ma is clear, loving and courage.

She is a powerful blend between masculine and feminine aspects.

She also spoke about being your true self which makes you unique to anyone else within your business,

“Your uniqueness is your superpower”

To find this out you need to figure out:

Step 1: What your fears are

Step 2: What is your why (and protect your why)

Step 3: Own your own weirdness/find your tribe

Step 4: Add value

Step 5: Unleash the inner lioness (This is when you have a balance between masculine and feminine: when you are most fulfilled and you can then help fulfill others).

I am so happy I went to this class because it helped me feel inspired, powerful and feel like I can do anything. Plus it’s women supporting women which to me is huge!!


Another class I took was called Demystifying Mindfulness and Meditation

During the class she walks us though a 1 hour meditation where she did breathing exercises and body scans.

Well let me tell you I’ve done body scans before and I’ve never experienced anything like I did during this class. If you don’t know what I mean by body scan it is when you literally scan your whole body by feeling how your body is currently feeling.

When I got to my left hip well a rush of different emotions came up for me, it is where a lot of my “grief” stays in my body, not a lot of people know that I have lost two grandfathers last year within 7 months of each other and then another 7 months later, this March I lost a friend and boss. Those were an instant feeling that came up for me. She walks us through all these feelings and it definitely has made me think more about how things like that can get stuck within our bodies without even knowing.

I personally believe that Mindfulness and meditation are so important to practice, it is for EVERYONE.

I always hear “I can’t meditate because my mind won’t stop and I can’t stay still”, well guess what! That’s okay, everyone’s minds wonder off just bring yourself back or use a meditation app that has talking it will help you. Also being more mindful towards yourself and others is so beneficial.

Those are just two of the eight classes I took.

These ones are the ones that really have stuck with me.

We also got the chance to go on a tour of the city the day before the conference happened!

We first went to Oak Canyon which is a nature park and beautiful is an understatement the trees were absolutely amazing.

We then went to Venus beach where we wanted to see muscle beach but it was under construction but it was still cool to see!

We got to see the Hollywood sign which was pretty cool and see the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We than ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood the food was soo good!

If you ever get the chance to go to Hollywood you should definitely make a stop there!

Kaitlyn Beaver

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