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Meditation: The Master Habit

Thoughts by Kaitlyn Beaver on Meditation: The Master Habit

Continued from the book Meditate your weight

Part 1

Meditation helps to alleviate any blocks you’ve been having. Meditation will help you by giving you an understanding of the the connection between hidden messages that you have been sending to yourself.  Which are the self defeating thought patterns that you have been following and the lack of progress towards the goals you have created for yourself.

When these things happen we tend to criticize ourselves.  Instead, we should be introducing meditation for ourselves to: develop a better understanding and have more compassion for ourselves.  This will help the body to stay calm and relaxed and as a result, in my experience, invites weight loss in a positive way.

Meditation is quite simple. It doesn’t require any outside objects only yourself. You put out the intention to try to keep your mind quiet for a few minutes a day.

By doing meditation each day research shows that it helps to manage stress and helps your nervous and endocrine systems.

A lot of people say “I can’t meditate.” I believe we can all learn how to meditate. It’s like walking – we first learn how to take little steps and as we continue to practice we progress and we continue to master it as we go.

You can start with 3 minutes a day and progress. You may be surprised and love it! You may also choose to go on a meditation retreat to get a full experience.

The goal with meditation is to become as comfortable as you can and to be able to get to a state where you can just relax.  Focus on your mental space that on a drop of a dime anytime you notice that you are getting stressed you can sit or stand and breathe into this clear mental space.

No matter if your brain is off wandering, the moment you sit down and take a breath you are meditating. There is no right or wrong way of meditating as your mind will go where it should.

Taken from:

Cruikshank, T., 2016. Meditate your weight. 1st ed. United States: Harmony books.

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