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Reset Your Hormones- 3 months program

Reset your hormones

-Low energy especially the afternoon, feeling sluggish
-Mood swings, depression, anxiety, irritability
-Painful, heavy or irregular periods
-Skin conditions
-Weight gain
-Hot flashes & night sweats
-Muscle aches, joint pain
-Hair loss
-Estrogen dominance
and more

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then this is the program for you!

Helps by bringing your body back into balance.

You will learn-

*What stress is, understand what it does to the body and why it can cause hormonal imbalances.

*Understand what the body systems are and how they work, how they are connected & why hormone imbalances are connected to other imbalances you may be noticing within your body.

*You will learn what food contribute to hormone imbalances and why.

This are just a few things you will learn with the program

With this package you will receive:

>3 nutritional consultations (2 are follow-ups)
>You will learn a new way of eating
>Lifestyle changes (including exercise)
>Supplementation to your support your body
>Stress management techniques
>Daily self care challenges
>Learn how to create mantras & positive affirmations
>Meditation- Why this is important/why should I do it? I will teach you how to meditate and provide you with meditations to follow (you can also choose your own)
>Learn how to use deep breathing as a coping mechanism & understand why it is so important to do daily, even hourly
>Learn how to journal and understand why this helps
>We will be creating a vision board- this will be a vision of what you want, three months from when you start the program to look like for you!
>Check-ins how things are going for you

This program will help reset your hormones to where they are meant to be!

Cost is $500.00 plus tax
Savings of $300.00

Monthly Hormone Membership- (This membership is for those who have finished the Rest Your Hormones program)

I created this membership to help keep your hormones in balance!

You receive:

>New monthly workouts
>Self care challenges and check-ins
>New monthly meal plans (includes new supplementation & lifestyle recommendations- depending on progress)
>Surprise weekly- Challenges etc
>30 minute check-ins with myself to see how things are going- twice a month
>Monthly women’s circle
>Support group- With other women who understand what your are going through.

Membership price- $65.00 plus tax (original price of $155.25)

Any questions please contact me at

Kaitlyn Beaver

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