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Self-Care: Why is it important? The benefits of self-care and a list of self care activities

Self care is taking care of yourself in all three areas: mind, body and spirit.

Self care is important because it not only helps you physically, mentally but emotionally as well. When you start taking care of yourself and you start taking time for yourself by doing activities daily you will start to reduce stress, anxiety and more.


Helps boost your immune system:  By doing activities such as exercising, rest and mindfulness we allow out bodies to activate our Parasympathetic Nervous System which puts our body into a rest and restore mode.  When we do this it allows our bodies to let go of our normal hectic daily lives.

Improves our self-compassion: The more you take care of your self the better you will feel.

Calming of your mind:  By practicing yoga, meditation, journaling and walking to name a few things all help by reducing stress and hormonal issues etc.

Improves your sleep:  By creating a self care bedtime routine you will have a good nights rest which will allow your body to physically heal, and it also helps with mental & physical restoration so that you will wake up feeling your best.

Eating better:  Will help you by increasing energy, reducing inflammation and overall will make you feel better.

Self Care Activities

  1. Commit to at least 20 minutes of exercise daily: This will help get your body moving and clear your mind.
  2. Practice Meditation: This helps you by reducing stress, anxiety, improves memory, decreases pain and improves your sleep.
  3. Get out into nature for a walk: By listening to nature it helps to calm your mind.
  4. Mindful eating: When you really chew your food, stop eating when rushed, upset, mad etc, will help you be able to digest your foods properly and will improve your digestion.
  5. Have a cup of herbal tea: Sit with a blanket and a cup of herbal tea with no phone etc.
  6. Get a massage: Helps to release muscle tension and relax you.
  7. Create boundaries: This is really important, when you do not have boundaries it allows people to take advantage of your kindness.
  8. Go to a movie alone: There’s something about going to a movie alone that just seems relaxing.
  9. Morning routine & bedtime routine: When you create a routine to follow each morning and night such as journaling, cleaning your face and meditating your mind and body will become more relaxed and be able to go on with your day feeling calm.
  10. Personal growth: This is so important because you start learning more about yourself.
  11. Journaling: Helps let go of thoughts and feelings by putting them on paper instead of your mind.
  12. Go to the beach: The beach is just so full of energy. Helps you create goals and increase your intuition.

These are just a few things that you can do! There are so many more! This is so important for your wellbeing!

Pick a couple from the list to incorporate in your daily life!


Kaitlyn Beaver

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