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Self Empowerment

Self-empowerment is about taking control of your life and making positive choices, taking action to become confident in your ability to make and take charge of your decisions and encouraging yourself to strive for success. This is going to look different for everyone.

It’s about evaluating what you want out of life and trying your best to accomplish it. We do this by creating healthy habits for yourself and setting achievable goals and boundaries while embracing the power of positivity, this helps boost self-esteem.

Remember the path to self-empowerment can be extremely messy, there may be a few setbacks, and it’s important to forgive, support and encourage yourself along your journey.

Things you can do to grow your Self-Empowerment

Self-care- Is so essential for a healthy mindset.

Daily movement- Stretching, walking, dancing etc all count. It is just very important to move your body.

Positive self-talk- Give yourself compliments throughout the day by focusing on things that you love about yourself; this is very important and powerful.

Setting achievable goals- Set goals that are realistic and attainable so that you can be successful. What makes you happy? What do you want to accomplish? Is there something that has been placed on the back burner?

Be assertive- Decide what it is you want and go for it. It may not be simple or easy but when you stand up for yourself, it helps you to feel empowered. This helps you advocate for yourself and create healthy boundaries.

Be gentle with yourself- Some days are going to be harder than others and that’s play. We are all human. Keep working towards your goals even if you have a setback or two, those are how we grow, learn, and build self-confidence.

Take yourself on a date- Set time at least once a month to pamper yourself. Do something that you love and enjoy doing. Whether it’s a spa day, a paint night, stay at home with a cozy blanket a warm tea book or a movie. Whatever it is you choose to do have fun with it. You can even buy yourself a gift or flowers. The goal of doing this is to feel like you are being taken care of and enjoy time with yourself.

I challenge you to do three things to care for yourself every night:

  • Pick out your outfit for tomorrow.
  • Meal prep for the next day.
  • You are making a call or doing a task that you’ve been avoiding.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Write & send thoughtful texts or a letter to someone important to you.
  • Sit or walk in nature with an intention and notice everything you encounter.
  • Light your favourite candle and journal
  • Do a calming or nourishing yoga practice.
  • Sit outside with a cup of your favourite herbal tea.
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