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What is Holistic Nutrition?

I believe in addressing mind, body & spirit as a whole by using an holistic approach, using the body systems to create individualized plans specifically for that person, as everyone is biologically unique. To give them a better understanding of what food does and how it nourishes our bodies in a positive way. By using foods, lifestyle modifications and explaining how supplements can help to fuel our bodies, we will be addressing the root causes, to help our bodies start healing from the inside out to bring us to better health.

What to expect with Personal Training?

We make our sessions educational for our clients. We explain what the exercise is and what muscle we are working, along with showing how to do an exercise with correct form and posture to prevent injury. Clients who have injuries, we can help by preventing more damage and help build strength to support and prevent more damage. We help our clients create realistic goals that will help keep them motivated, especially if you have a specific goal whether it is to train for a marathon or to maintain a higher level of fitness I can help you create a plan of action and help by keeping you accountable to your.

Along with nutrition, reiki, mindful thinking and self care fitness can help manage mental health.

What to expect with Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. During our session you will be laying on a massage table, you will be fully clothed, you can choose to be under blankets or above. As a Practitioner I will lightly place my hands on where I am working, if the client prefers no hand placement I will place my hands 2 inches above the body. You may feel a very slight tingeling, heat or energy, and some people do not feel anything. You may feel peace and calm in your mind or in your physical body. Reiki is a different experience for everyone. Most people will go into a deep relaxation and fall asleep during the session.
Our Reiki session is a 45 minute appointment where you have time for yourself and relax.