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Signs your Intuitive and how can I develop it?

What is Intuition

Intuition is having the ability to know and understand something intuitively, some people aren’t even aware that it is happening. A lot of people will explain it as a gut feeling, inner knowing or a sense of awareness that goes beyond logical thinking.

Signs that you are intuitive.

People open up to you– Do you ever just have people come up to you in the grocery store and tell you things about their lives, yet you don’t even know them? Intuitive people are very good listeners. People feel very comfortable around them and feel like they’ve known you forever, they develop deep relationships with people very quickly.

You are very creative– You see things differently than most people, the ideas you come up with are usually very abstract and you often think outside the box. Your creativity comes from deep within you. You find meaning in everything that is around you.

Have vivid dreams– Dreams are often overlooked by many, a lot of people think vivid dreams just happen because we’re stressed or overwhelmed. This is not the case; your intuition often shows up for you in your dreams so that you can see it while you’re in a calm and relaxed state, to help you come to different realizations.

Feel like you just know, a strong inner voice– You often make decisions by listening to your heart, which often feels right for you. You trust yourself.

You find yourself pausing mentally– This is because you often hear thoughts, and you are trying to figure out if it is your ego or if it is an intuitive thought. When this happens, I try to clear and open my mind and listen to the message. I can tell it is me when it is in my own “voice” and if it is from a guide, the voice sounds different.

You are an empath. You can read and feel people’s emotions– As an empath, you know yourself and your feelings, but you can also feel everyone around you.

As soon as you walk into a room you can feel what others are feeling without asking or talking to them. I can always feel what is going on with my friends before I even talk to them, I just know something is happening, I felt my friend’s baby when she was pregnant before she even told me she was pregnant, I felt him the whole pregnancy.

Certain situations freak you out- As an intuitive you are a very sensitive soul, you often become overwhelmed within social situations because you are overstimulated by noise, smells, and feelings from everyone in the room.

Sudden realizations– You have bursts of understanding that come to mind out of nowhere. They may come to you as visions, or ideas or through sound or music, like an epiphany about something that happened out of nowhere.

You are a deep thinker– Intuitive people often spend a lot of time in their heads. This helps them to become more insightful, introspective, and very self-aware.

You get a funny feeling– You know when something bad will happen, you feel it deep down in your stomach.

How can I develop my intuition?

Tune into your inner wisdom, trust and belief in your instincts and pay attention to signals and feelings that come up for you. You can practice these skills through meditation, mindfulness, journaling, deep listening, connecting with nature and self-reflection.

I like to test my intuition by asking myself questions, I’ll either hear a yes or no. If you want to try this, I would start by writing down the question, feel into the question and write down what comes to you. If at first nothing comes to you, don’t feel discouraged just keep practicing, it will come.

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